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Gaim Plugin for RVP protocol

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This RVP plugin is made for the september 2005 cvs version of Gaim.

The functionalities developped are : login, logout, idle, state (away, lunch...), send message, receive message and File transfert (both ways).


First you have to download my Gaim RVP plugin.Then to install the plugin I assume you have a Gaim with the source code and you know how to compile it. You have to move the file rvp.tar.bz2 in the Gaim directory. Then extract the tarball. To finish you'll have to invoke the famous trinity (./configure, make and make install) to compile Gaim in the usual way.

Technicals comments

acl.c Implements the authorisation for the contacts. At the beginning it permits to retrieve from the server, the list of all the contacts with the method ACL.
authentication.c Authenticate to the server (Basic, Digest and NTML)
file.c Implements the MSNFTP file transfert.
httpconn.c Permits sending and receiving HTTP trame to and from the server with authentication. The program fills a RvpHttpconn structure, and send it. Then when the answer comes back the analyse function declared in the structure is invoked.
incomconn.c In the RVP protocol, the client listens on a network port the server answer. This file implements the process which listens for the server answer. It receives all the notification implemented : text message and file transfered invitation.
msg.c Permits sending a text message or a file transfered invitation to a contact with the method NOTIFY.
property.c Retreives the name of the user's contacts with the method PROPFIND.
rvp.c Links the Gaim functions to the protocol's specifics functions.
session.c Implements the login and logout functionalities for the user with the methods SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE.
state.c Implements the change of state (away, lunch...) for the contacts with the method PROPPATCH.
subscribe.c Permits adding and removing a contact with the methods SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE.
subscriptions.c Implements the method SUBSCRIPTIONS.


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